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QuickBooks Desktop - History & Evolution

Since 1992 when QuickBooks came into existence, it has always been the market leader of Accounting software for Small and medium size businesses. To avoid confusion it is also important to understand that Intuit has actually established in the 1983. However; for the first 9 years of business Intuit was dominantly focused on their personal Accounting software Quicken. QuickBooks, which is their business Accounting software, was first launched in the year 1992.

Starting from QB Basic to Pro to Premier and finally the Enterprise version, QuickBooks Desktop version has really evolved in the last two and half decades.

The simplicity and easy of working with an Accounting software has always reserved QuickBooks’s place as a Market Leader for Accounting Softwares’ since its launch. Most start-up business owners and Self Employed people are always worried about managing their finances and accounts (books). This is very obvious as they either do not have any accounting background or do not want to spend un-necessary time on Bookkeeping/Accounting. It is very natural of a business owner to spend more time on improving their Sales and Revenue and less on back-end tracking for their accounting work. Not to criticize anyone; however accountants have, at times used this to their benefit and assisted the businesses with their Accounting expertise, which at times are not mandatory.

The designing of QuickBooks has always helped the businesses to overcome this situation. Not only it is very straight forward to use, there is no need to have any accounting background to use QuickBooks.

The features like “Online Banking”, “Synchronizing contacts” and “Automatic Invoice send” has reduced significant amount of time for the QuickBooks users. Automating any part of day to day work always helps you to increase productivity and reduce the manual errors in the job.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier PLUS versions are now available with hosting services (On demand, you need to contact QuickBooks Support for adding hosting service with your version), which has answered all the critics about data losses on a Desktop software. The biggest challenge of using desktop software in today’s world is data loss and QuickBooks Pro and Premier Plus’s hosting services has handled this challenge very well.

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